Our Services

Lawn Mowing

Economic Mowing will service your lawn on a weekly or biweekly basis for the months of March thru November. Your lawn service will be scheduled for the same day of each week.

Lawn service will include:

  • Mowing
  • Trimming around house and trees with a string trimmer
  • Removing trash
  • Edging along paved areas
  • Blowing off the paved areas

Weekly service starts at $35.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Have your lawn looking it’s best year round. We will come in and clean out your flower beds, pull weeds, pick up limbs in your yard, trim you hedges, and plant seasonal flowers. Have the cleanest yard in your neighborhood.

Mulch Installation

New mulch will keep your current landscape looking excellent. We use good quality, triple shredded dyed mulch. This mulch will keep its color for up to a full year. It comes in a color choice of Brown, Red, or Black. We only use the best quality mulch.

Core Aeration & Seeding

Removal of soil plugs from your lawn to improve root growth, reduce thatch, and reduce soil compaction. For best results, schedule in early spring or fall.

Leaf Removal

We provide thorough leaf clean-up and removal services. Our mobile vacuum system allows us to pick up very large quantities of leaves. Both curbside vacuum service and full leaf removal service are available.

We will be happy to give you an estimate for Full Service Leaf Clean-up when you are ready.

Our service involves the use of commercial leaf removal equipment. This includes backpack blowers, push blowers and hand held equipment to help provide the best possible service .

Information for Customers

Cut, edge, and trim properties with walk-behind mowers.

Your lawn will be serviced on the same day every week, but the time of day will vary from week to week. If it rains heavy during the week all scheduled lawns will be pushed back a day.

We are not responsible for your pets. We also will not cut a property with one. If there is a pet in the back yard we will only mow the front and charge for full service.

Please let us know within 24 hours of any damage.

Lawn Was Not Serviced
Please notify us within 24 hours.

Lock Gates
Please leave gates unlocked on the day of service. If gate is locked we will cut everything else and charge the full price.

Please let us know within 24 hours to put in a redo request. If not done in that time period it will be taken care of on the next visit.

No contracts. You must have six continuous cuts to receive the lowest price. $25 cancellation fee if we have not serviced your property at least 6 times. If you want to cancel service all together you must notify us 24 hours in advance.

All accounts must be set up with automatic payments. This can be done with all major credit cards. Your credit card will be automatically billed after work is complete.